This Easter Give your Living Room a Spring Refresh!

As the days start getting longer and winter fades into spring, the fresh energy of the new season is hard to ignore. Now is the time for new beginnings and with Easter approaching, it's also the perfect time to revamp your living room décor.
Small adjustments and fine tuning can make just as big of an impact. To prove our point, we're sharing some tips on how to make your living room stand out.


The sofa, is your living room’s centerpiece. It is the main piece of furniture around which everything else revolves. There are a few factors you should consider when choosing the right sofa for your living room, the most important one being its size. The same rule applies for your coffee table and shelving units. Take into account the living room’s dimensions and determine what height, length and depth of sofa would look best in the space. Even though nothing can beat the comfort of a large sofa, it is sometimes better to prefer an equally comfortable but more compact sized one, as to avoid a space looking heavily crowded.


Α coffee table can hold interests, memories and a representative sample of the way we approach aesthetically our daily life. Because its surface, most of the time, is very small, it can fit very specific objects, those that are believed to express us and carry beauty. The range of decorative objects is wide; from vases to trays and from photo albums to our favorite cups. A vase and a few white fresh flowers are enough to bring other beautiful and possitive vibes to the space. Such is the energy that this addition to the living room brings. 


Cushions are the most effortless and yet substantial items of decoration for your living room. They are what give that extra oomph to the protagonist of the living room - your sofa, by adding warmth, comfort and elegance and enriching the overall living room design. Based on the colour of your furniture or walls, you can choose various colours, textures and designs to renew the whole look depending on the season or your mood.


Mirrors are key elements in transforming any room in your house. Varying in shapes, sizes and designs, a mirror can make a lasting impression by enhancing the aesthetics of the living room area and making the space look wider. Furthermore, if placed near a window or behind a light source, a mirror can reflect and maximize the light’s reach, creating a magical and warm ambience.


Carpets and rugs are not only for cold weather, as they can offer great comfort while adding colour, warmth and texture to any space during any season. They are a quick and effective upgrade, giving an immediate transformation to your living room. If placed wisely, carpets can define and highlight a specific area and also separate one area from another. For example, you can use them to separate the living room from the dining area in an open plan interior. You can also add a carpet on top of another one, embracing one of the biggest trends in interior decorating right now. Layering your carpets in a combination of colours and patterns, is a clever way to add character to your living room.


The colour you choose for your living room walls is the most important decision, since it will affect all your entire colour palette and décor theme. If you want to visually expand the size of a small living space, choose light colours and bright tones that are pleasant to the eye, add finesse and are also easy to colour-match with other items. However, if your style calls for darker or bolder colour hues, you may want to add contrasting coloured furniture and decorations in order to avoid an overly dark environment while creating a sense of elegant balance. Paring it with beautiful paintings will give that extra spark in your room.
Of all the rooms in a house, the living room is by far one of the most important and vivid ones, the one that reflects your personality, mood and style. Follow these inspiring tips by our decoration experts and we are sure that you will give your living room an amazing spring refresh this Easter. Need more help? Our interior designers will provide you with free expert advice and tips. Making your ideas a reality couldn't be easier. There will be no waiting time. We'll be ready to assist you as soon as you walk into our showroom! Hustle-free, personalized service tailored to your timetable, needs, and specifications. Book an appointment now!
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