A Final Goodbye to a Great Man

This website is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Andreas Soteriou, the founder of Andreotti furniture, whose vision to lead his company among the best in Europe, was cut short on the 5th of August 2011.
Mr. Andreas Soteriou established his first metal furniture workshop in Famagusta in 1963. His dream was to make his company known to the entire island and later on, the entire world. As the years went by, his dream became more and more real as in the 1980s the furniture workshop became a company with a reliable name in the furniture business and in the 1990s, imports and exports of furniture became a reality. 
With the arrival of the new millennium, his expectations were exceeded. The launch of a cutting-edge online shop for furniture shopping, being the first company on the island to be granted permission to have its own recycling system as well as further expansion of the existing company were only a few of the many advances of the company. 
Although he is no longer with us, his vision still lives on through his two daughters, Aphrodite and Christina Soteriou.  
Andreas Soteriou, will be remembered as a great professional but mostly as a great man. Honesty was his main characteristic but he will also be remembered for his kindness and politeness. He always reached out to help others less fortunate. Working with such a special man was not only a great opportunity but also a great honour. 
We miss you and you will always be remembered in our heart and memories.
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