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Theo Eichholtz,  as a passionate antique collector, is always looking for unique pieces. He rummages around at antique markets and shops all over the world. During a trip to Asia in the 1990s he was so enthralled by Chinese colonial furniture that he started to import it. This marked the beginning of Eichholtz. Over the years, Eichholtz has grown into one of the world’s most well-known and reputable wholesalers of luxury design furniture, lighting and accessories. Many of Eichholtz first-rate furniture pieces are modern interpretations of entrancing antiques. The style is done by adapting treasured traditional crafts to the decadent demands of today., creating items of unmatched beauty that exceed the highest standards in design, quality and durability. Eichholtz has furnished more than 10,000 prestigious hotels, restaurants, clubs and stores throughout the world. Today, Eichholtz is the epitome of luxury living. We here at Andreotti Furniture care and want the best quality and services possible to our clients, so together with Eichholtz we aim to continuously inspire with our extensive collection that spans a host of iconic styles. 
white sofas and armchairs and coffee tables
big dining table in brown wood and luxury fabric white chairs
large grey luxury armchair in a living room near a standing light
elegant white dining chairs, wooden black dining table, gold lights
black coffee tables, luxury design, gold base
dinning set, luxury dinning table with beige velvet dinning chairs with its matching console and bookcase,
luxury living set with gold details, white comfy fabric sofa low with no legs, centre luxury gold detailed coffee table, luxury gold bookcases, xriso kentriko trapezaki me xrisi vivliothiki kai xamilo aspro kanape,
mirror luxury gold with modern extreme gold coffee table in the middle and white comfy sofa with cushions, aspros kanapes xamilos xekourastos, elegant xriso monterno trapezaki me konsola,
white high in height sofa comfy with huge cushions, wooden square coffee tables with black legs, xilino skouro tetragono kentriko trapezaki me mavra podia,
white comfy chairs with gold details chairs, wooden huge table with dark wood, elegant chairs, stylish chairs, trapezi megalo skouro xilino, karekles monternes me xrises leptomeries kai aspres karekles,
silver legs square coffee tables with white comfy sofas with no legs, anetoi megaloi kanapedes me asimenia trapezakia tetragona,
silver living set luxury with coffee table 3 seater sofas and armchairs, fabcric comfy sofas with cushions and silver coffee table with silver matching legs with the sofa,
white comfy sofas with rosegold tables in the middle in rectangular shape,
green velvet bar table with matching fabrics barstools with black and gold legs, mpar me idiou ifasmatous stools me mavra kai xrisa podia,
clear gold coffee tables squares elegant luxury, swing chair with silver legs, comfy white sofas with silver legs, gold modern chandelier, fotistiko monterno me mpales, karekla peristrefomeni, kanapes aspros anetos me asimenia podia,
blue velvet living set armchairs and sofa with gold accessories, gold high lamps stand with black hats, blue velvet sofa with black legs, gold and silver modern coffee tables, trapezakia kentrika asimenia kai xrisa, mple veloudini kanapes me karekla me ma
white comfy sofa with chaise long with black legs, marble central coffee table with black legs, swing chair with silver legs, karekla peristrefomeni me asimenia podia, kanapes me mavra podia,
modern black chandelier, ceramic top coffee table, 3 seater comfy white sofa with black legs, aspros kanapes me mavra podia me keramiko trapezaki tetragono,
gold installations for the toilet, gold leaves tropical vibe, mavro stand with gold stylish patterned legs,
close up chandelier, kontino fotistikou kristallinou,
extraordinary gold finish coffee table, extreme style coffee table , monterno kentriko trapezaki,
gold and black finish bookcase with elegance and extraordinary, high designer bookcase, xriso mavri vivliothiki me extere design,
grey leather barstools with black and gold legs, dermatino stool gkrizo me mavra kai xrisa podia,
black wooden leg with clear glass top, grey velvet sofa with black cushions, mavro skouro kormos xilou trapezi kentriko,
green extreme mirror, table lamp gold, accessories gold, wooden small console, konsola xilini mikri, prasinos kathreftis paraxenos,
white fabric chair with black and gold legs, wooden with nice base dinning circular table,
tetragona kentrika trapezakia me xrises leptomeries kai mavro top, aspros anetos kanapes me aneta maxilarakia,
close up crystal ceiling light chandelier, kontino se kristalino fotistiko,
wide comfy white sofas with black legs, extraordinary mirror, silver living set, luxury living set, asimenies leptomeries se diakosmitika ,
white capitone barstools with black and gold legs, stools psila se ipsos capitone aspro ifasma me mavra kai xrisa podia,
mple velvet sofa circular shape with gold details, modern luxury blue gold living set, sofa with no legs, kanapes mple me xrisa accessories,
silver mirror close up, crystal light close up , kontino fotistikou kristallino,
modern table with crystal clear glass top, white comfy elegant modern sofas with gold legs , chandeliers inspo,
white comfy fabric sofa with big cushions on its back, ceramic centre coffee table top,
dinning set, luxury dinning table with beige velvet dinning chairs with its matching console and bookcase,



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