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Fama Sofas is a family-owned company with more than 40 years of experience in the living room area specialized in upholstered furniture.They are one of the leading sofas manufacturing companies in Spain with the 75% of their Sofa collections and production being exported worldwide. You can find their products in more than 60 countries worldwide; products that are different from the market trends, something that allowed Fama to consolidate its own personality in the sector. Sofas that are characterised by curved shapes, use of exclusive and colorful original designed fabrics, but above all an exceptional comfort, quality and functionality. We at Fama, have managed to create our own image, recognizable all over the world with innovative designs and products exhaustively tested to achieve the best quality standards. With the primary aim being comfort and quality for our customers, our design team creates unique and exclusive models that can not be copied easily.

Andreotti Furniture is the exclusive representative in Cyprus for Fama Sofas.  You can find in the showroom all the collections of Fama Sofas including fabric sofas, leather sofas, corner modern sofas, sofa beds and coffee tables. Moreover you can find a collection of amazing armchairs, rocking and recliners with modern design and colours. Also a wide collection of loveseats and chaise lounges are available in our furniture shop.  And dont forget, Fama sofas and armchairs are our Best Selling in Cyprus!
pink colorful corner sofa with flower pattern armchair with footstool, goniakos kanapes me louloudia motivo kai roz xroma monternos,
colourful low comfy corner sofa, swing chair colourfull velvet,
white fabric sofa arriane love sofa, adustable pieces sofa that can be extended to any size, many options to fabric,
2 seater fama sofa with high wooden legs grey fabric matched with patterned sofa with its footstool ,
grey corner sofa with black legs, adjustable corner sofa with minimal style, gkrizos ifasmatinos kanapes fama comfy style for ordinary use, all day long use,
gkrizos ifasmatinos kanapes me mavra podia, ifasmatinos kanapes me mavra podia
close up patterned armchair with wooden legs,
armchair with wooden legs, patterned all day long use armchair,
modern low armchair fama fabric pink, ifasmatini roz polithrona kathimerinis xrisis poli xamili peristrefomeni, swing armchair ,
patterned armchair extreme style chair with black legs, polithrona polixromi me louloudia me mavra podia,
living set with flowers on them, karekles polixromes me mavra podia,
white leg armchair with white fabric, armchair with pattern cushions at the back of the chair with its footstool,
colorful corner sofa with its matching armchair,
mustard sofa 2 seater with silver legs, moustardis kanapes me asimenia podia
close up grey fabric sofa with wooden legs, fama corner 2 seater 3 seater sofa with natural colors,
2 seater comfy sofa with black legs, grey modern sofa with black adjustable legs, swing velvet chair petrol turquoise, anetos gkrizos kanapes me mavra podia, karekla peristrefomeni prasini, karekla pou girizei,
swing chair petrol color, velvet green armchair that turns around, karekla peristrefomeni prasini me mavra podia,
grey fabric with silver legs, corner grey sofa with block wooden legs, swing chair that turns around,
grey fabric fama sofa with dark wooden legs, swing chair, adjustable fabric to all of the products,
colourful sofa in pieces with flowers low with no legs, adjustable sofa pieces
velvet swing armchairs that lean at the back, perfect for damaged back, orthopaedic chair
grey velvet corner sofa stylish with silver legs.
grey fabric sofa with block clack legs, minimalistic style simple sofa corner with its mathcing armchairs that turns around,
grey fabric sofa with wooden legs, patterned armchair mathcing with its sofa set,
patterned crazy armchair with skeleton and flowers, rocking chair, swing chair comfy chair,
green velvet chair for 2 people that turns around with no legs, chair that can adjust the fabrics to your style,
minimal green velvet turning armchair with no legs, comfy huge king size armchair for 2 people,
purple fabric velvet armchair for 2 people,
velvet armchair back side view low height with no legs,
anatomic and orthopedic chair that opens up, comfortable armchair for a single seat,
purple velvet armchair that opens and leans at the back, orthopedic and anatomic chair with black legs, modern orthopedic chair,
fabric sofa with black legs, 2 seater sofa with arms on the left and the right, adjustable fabrics to the sofa and the cushions,
purple velvet 2 seater sofa with dark wooden legs, classic shape sofa with colourful cushions , adjustable fabric sofa,
grey fabric corner sofa with adjustable fabrics mustard and wooden legs,
wooden table with black legs, flowerful colorfull sofa set with armchair,
red stylish sofa with wooden legs, modern minimal style sofa with cushions, kokkinos kanapes me xilina podia,
green velvet sofa with wooden legs, 4 seater sofa 3 seater sofa with cushions, prasinos kanapes me xilina podia,
close up red velvet sofa, how the texture of the fabric looks like,
stylish modern armchairs colorful adjustable fabrics velvet, turquoise and yellow swing armchair,



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