Why buy from us?

  • Buy furniture directly from the importer. No intermediaries.
  • Over 37 years experience in the furniture industry.
  • The highest quality furniture at the most competitive prices.
  • Our name and reputation as a guarantee.
  • Our interior designers are availble to help you make the right choice of furniture.
  • Personalized support and professional, courteous service.
  • Probably the largest selection of furniture in Cyprus.
  • Fast and Free furniture delivery with in 1-2days.
When finished, almost all our products pass different and specific tests that are required by the most strict international quality standards. This is done by our carefully selected suppliers. That way we are sure that you are receiving top quality furniture.
Using the latest and top technology machines, which cut through any thing from fabric to wood and metal accurately, precisely and fast making any pattern and insuring top skill results. Be sure and know that with these machines there is no room for mistakes or defaults.
Highly trained personnel are in charge of finishing the furniture with perfect craftsmanship. A combination of high technology and talented craftsmen make the kind of furniture that last a life time.
All our models are designed to meet our customer’s needs and that is why comfort is our main aim. The sofas are designed to give the client maximum relaxation without adjusting the look to anything other than elegance and style.
We give you the opportunity to choose the model you like and to adjust it to your needs. You can make your suite unique by thinking out of the box and daring to be different and original. Customizing your sofa by choosing the fabric, colors and patterns can make one sofa differ from another of the same exact frame. Also on some models you can pick the type of legs if you prefer them wooden or metallic other dimensions softer or firmer cushions etc.
Our company’s policy is to provide an outstanding and reliable after-sale service and at all times keeping our customers happy and satisfied. If in the unlikely situation of any problems that may occur with time we fill out a service form and in a couple of days our specialized technicians will be at your door. We do not leave any problem unsolved as our aim is to keep you happy.
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