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Embark on a journey to find the perfect mattress, a task that requires meticulous research and careful consideration. Selecting the optimal density, thickness, and quality of mattress foam, along with the desired level of sink, is of utmost importance. In today's market, a plethora of mattress options awaits, boasting different foam layers, spring types, and innovative features. While traditional spring mattresses offer cost-effectiveness and durability, embracing modern technologies like memory foam combined with pocket springs or CSAM (Active Crystal Technology) can have a profound positive impact on your overall well-being. Spring mattresses typically feature interconnected metal springs that maintain their shape for years to come. It's worth noting that memory foam was originally developed by NASA, distributing body weight evenly and providing exceptional comfort and support to the entire body. By reducing pressure points by up to 80%, it creates a cloud-like sensation, allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep. High-quality memory foam mattresses excel at uniformly supporting the body, offering the feeling of being cradled by countless tiny springs. With their ability to significantly alleviate pressure points, contour to the body, and provide solid support, memory foam mattresses are the ideal choice for those seeking relief, body contouring, and overall comfort. Explore a wide array of complete memory foam options, including our best-selling Memory Plus mattress, and experience the epitome of relaxation and support with Andreotti Furniture.
White king size mattress for your bed.
big dining table in brown wood and luxury fabric white chairs
Sport mattress in grey colour for your bedroom.
Organic sense mattress made by natural material.
Natural mattress in white and blue colour.
Viscoelastic material mattress for comfort and support.
luxury double side mattress.
Soho white grey elastic mattress.
white high in height sofa comfy with huge cushions, wooden square coffee tables with black legs, xilino skouro tetragono kentriko trapezaki me mavra podia,
white comfy mattress
Black titan dupen mattress made in spain.
platinum mattress made in spain by dupen
Discover the finest selection of mattresses in Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia, and across Cyprus. At our mattress store, we prioritize your comfort and well-being, offering a wide range of mattress sizes to suit your needs. From single to king-size, our collection caters to every preference. Experience the luxury of orthopedic mattresses, designed to provide the best back support and alleviate any discomfort or pain. Our mattresses are crafted with precision and utilize advanced technologies to ensure superior quality and lasting durability. Whether you're seeking pain relief or simply aiming for a restful sleep, our mattresses are tailored to meet your requirements. Explore the perfect blend of comfort, support, and quality at our mattress store in Cyprus and indulge in the sleep experience you deserve.
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