Keeping in mind the importance of recycling waste and wishing to participate in this worldwide campaign, Andreotti furniture has created its own waste management system.
  • We are the first company in Cyprus to have gained permission for this system.
  • We operate autonomously and highly trained staff is responsible for handling, sorting and transporting waste to the recycling factories we cooperate with.
  • We have our own recycling bins and we recycle 100% of our paper, card board, plastic and nylon from both, our offices and our factories, instead of only 50% as stated by law. 
Additionally, when delivering furniture to our customers,
  • We make sure that none of the packaging material comes with it. All furniture is unpacked and assembled in our factories before delivery, therefore all packaging remains on our premises.
  • Customers are also provided with a leaflet informing them of our efforts to recycle and are given tips as to how they can contribute to this worldwide effort. 
As a member of CHARTA KYPROS, Andreotti furniture commits to doing its part in helping Cyprus reduce CO2emissions by 15% by the year 2020, support the actions and programmes of the government to face climate change and take an active part in informing our staff, our customers, our suppliers and business partners of climate change.   
This notion goes further than simply complying with laws.It starts as an action, an attitude and a culture from inside the company, affecting decisions and methods of production and extends to the society in which it finds ways to apply itself helping, in this way, to reach our company’s goals in protecting the environment.
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