Eichholtz 11

Bring Soothing Synergy in your living space with Eichholtz luxury lighting and furniture. Easy on the eyes, this well-balanced assemblage is instantly calming. The soft sand colour of the handwoven Reeves carpet and the warm white shades of the retro-chic Tortora chandelier are beautifully highlighted by the black marble tabletops of the Tomasso coffee tables and the monochrome prints of Ivan Melotti. The spacious Montado lounge sofa and loveseat offer generous seating, while the Oasis table lamp spreads a soft glow in the room. Get inspired and get the look through a huge collection of furniture and accessories for your dream house. Call our showroom in Limassol +357 25 721128 or visit us and get the Andreotti furniture quality and style that you deserve.
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