Which Dining Style Suits You, Depending on Your Age?

Dining rooms are the perfect spaces to express your style using furniture, lighting, artwork and color. They are also the places where, on the occasion of food, you come into contact with friends and loved ones. Depending on your age, however, your needs change and so do your style and furnishings. There are different styles and solid concept: inspiring shapes, simplicity and elegant, combined with state-of-the-art designs. Whether you're cooking for two or feeding a crowd, our dining tables have got you covered. Dining tables in all shapes, sizes, colours and material. Read on to find out which dining room style corresponds to each decade of your life and get ideas for updating it.

20's - The Simple Dining Room

In your 20s it is very likely that you have just graduated and are starting your professional career. At the same time you get in touch with many friends and have fun until late. However, your budget may be tight. A simple table with chairs is enough for you to do your activities and organize your parties. You can always be creative and decorate your dining room according to your personality. Simple and sleek or adjustable and extendable depending on your space. A beautiful rug next to the table will make it look more expensive without spending a lot of money.

30's - The Modern Dining Room

Leaving behind the nights and parties of the previous decade, you now want a place to enjoy gatherings and dinners with friends. Modern dining rooms come in many shapes and forms, but some of them stand out. They're a gathering space, workshop and hub of the home. Clean lines such as perfectly squared chairs and metallic details are the keys to a modern pattern. Abstract art is an integral part of the modern dining room and adds just the right amount of 'movement' to an otherwise very structured space.

40's - The Classic Dining Room

You have entered the golden age of happiness. You also have experience and money to invest in things you like. A classic dining room can provide the luxurious lifestyle to every home. Classic dining rooms are all about details and simplicity at the same time. You want all the amenities you can get. The simple classic designs combined with modern details, unique wallpapers and appropriate lighting make up the image of the dining room that radiates comfort and confidence. The ornate consoles that function as bars are one of their key components. Impressive chandeliers and sconces contribute to the ideal atmosphere and allow you to enjoy the golden decade of your life.

50's - The Relaxed Rustic Dining Room

In your 50s, you already know what you want and place great importance on quality and comfort. Rustic often brings to mind images that contain wood combined with simple lines and mixes the traditional with the modern. Log dining tables that are beautifully handcrafted from reclaimed barnwood and a variety of natural logs. Put strong lighting in your dining room and add modern elements that will combine harmoniously with the wood. Plants can be an important decorative element of a rustic dining room that will offer peace and relaxation to you and your dear friends.

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