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Our Vintage Collection welcomes the elegant style of forgotten days to your Living room. Living rooms can be decorated in retro or industrial vintage deco. The combination of a space-age sideboard and thrift-store accessories with new pieces such as geometric wallpaper, mirrors and artwork pieces, results an amazing concept of vintage deco. Also, the sofa could be a new design in romantic fabrics or old design sofa in a modern coloured fabric.

The heart of every home is the living room ! It is the place where the family gets together and spent some valuable time. It is time now to redecorate this area with a new cozy enviroment that the vintage style is offering to you. Find the vintage sofas you look for by browsing below or by downloading the fama sofas vintage collection brossure.
modern vintage grey fabric sofa with wooden legs, wooden vintage modern console with side table, bookcase with black circular metallic, console vintage with king size mirror on the top,
vintage wooden centre table, vintage corner fabric capitone sofa , small height bookcase vintage modern black and wooden, vintage wooven carpet rug, plekto xali, palios alla monterno kanapes,
grey fabric close up vintage sofa with wooden legs, side table black, centre wooden coffee table with black legs, palios kanapes me xilina podia,
vintage living set, earthy coloured sofa with matching armchairs, comfy vintage look new sofa with comfy big cushions,
vintage living room leather texture and fabric with wooden vintage legs, vintage rectangular coffee table with glass and wooden legs,
vintage living set wooden leg sofa with cushions and high resistance to sun and water fabrics,
vintage 3 seater sofa with wooden legs, centre wooden coffee table with glass on the top,
leather 2 seater vintage sofa set with armchair with wooden legs, black leather vintage sofa, wooden centre coffee table,
tree coffee table, centre coffee tables in different heights, kormos dentrou trapezakia sto kentro,
leather red 3 seater sofa comfy high in neck, gold simple minimal design coffee table, red leather armchair comfy high neck,
capitone vintage modern style with wooden legs, blue capitone vintage 3 seater sofa,
leather brown capitone 4 seater sofa, classic vintage leather sofa,
brown sofa in a living room vintage style.
white leather comfy sofa with its matching armchair, wooden coffee table with sides tables, sofas that are extendables on the bottom part,
vintage classic style armchair elegant king size with flower details on its back side, star pouffe, vintage black console with white and gold details,
orange brown leather capitone 3 seater sofa, kamelo oxra kanapes tritheseos palios, vintage style capitone 3 seater sofa,
broen leather sofa 5 seater with its matching armchair and pouffe, side table vintage style,
low wooden grey coffee table that opens up, blue sofa fabric with silver legs,
marble console modern luxury with silver legs and grey wood, konsola monterna me aspro marmaro me gkrizo xilo kai asimenia podia,
To browse all fama sofas please click on Best Sofas and Armchairs in Cyprus or visit our ehop to see different prices for cheap sofas or medium range price sofas.

Here you can get ideas how to decorate your living room with vintage accessories, and create the nicest decor to your place. With few changes you can mix and match some of your existing furniture in the living room with vintage style accessories and still get a satisfactory result without paying a lot of money for a complete change. Start by toping your living room with some accent pieces like coffee tables, armchairs and add accessories like wall clocks, vintage lamps, paintings and rustic accesories..

Browsing into our website you can find a lot of information  and about vintage furniture collections. Read about fabric coaches , leather coaches , love seats and chaise lounge. Choose among a variety of coffee tables in modern, contemporary, vintage or classic style and create the best place in your house with our advices.
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