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Create a classic ambience and a cozy warm feeling to revive your Dining Room. A vintage deco of dining rooms can be incorporated back-in-time, by choosing different styles of elements. A wooden dining table from an old time could be combined with any style of chairs either contemporary or classic. In order to have the best vintage look is a must to choose an ethnic in strong coloured carpet. An important feature is also the shimmering antique chandelier, by hanging it in the middle of dining table.

Retro Vintage dinning tables and Chairs can be found on display in our shops. A large display area  covering home and deocration items, sofas and sectionals in retro vintage concept, beach vintage dinnig tables and chairs sets are available for you to see them live. Just visit us at Ayios athanasios industrial area in Limassol Cyprus.

For those ones who Vintage concept is not their style they can visit  our modern furniture collection where lots of different modern dining and kitchen tables and chairs are presented in.  We also have an extensive dining and kitchen chairs collection online for customers that do not want to leave the piece of their house.

You can add in your shopping cart,  dining - kitchen tables as well or visit the dining tables and chairs sets for more options.
classic style chair with engraved details on its back, vintage style living and dinning sets, xaragmenes leptomeries sto piso meros tis xilinis kareklas,
minimal vintage dining srt, circular vintage white and brown wooden dining table with vintage minimal design chairs with arms, aples karekles palaies me strongilo trapezi, klassiko trapezi megalo me aples vintage karekles,
classic circular dinning table with simple capitone classic chairs, klassiko trapezi stroggilo me capitone karakles kai mpez ifasma me xilina kafe podia,
grey fabric capitone chair with dark brown legs, claasic rectangular table with minimal classic vintage chairs, klassikes karekles me capitone leptomeries, xilino trapezi me klassiko design kafe xilino me gkriza ifasmateni karekla kapitone,
classic brown rectangular dinning table with classic design chairs, xilino trapezi klassiko me minimal design karekles xilines,
grey antique vintage rectangular dinning table with minimal grey fabric chairs, orthogonio antika paliao klassiko alla monterno trapezi me klassikes karekles xilines me gkrizo ifasma,
antique circular trapezi klassiko vintage me klassikes karekles me xilina podia kai gkrizo ifasma, wooden circular dinning vintage set,
wooden rectangular dinning table with extreme style vintage classic chairs, palaio orthogonio megalo trapezi klassiko me xilines karekles,
clean minimal modern design beige colors rectangular table with minimal design chairs wooden and grey fabric,
vintage antique design dinning set, vintage rectangular grey wooden dinning table with vintage design chairs,
minimal design dinning table with circular leg and wicker style dinning chairs, xilino trapezi me stroggilo podi megalo orthogonio me psathenes karekles,
rectangular dinning table clean minimal desgn with silver detail on its leg, minimal style dinning chair beige wooden italian chairs,
circular dinning table with gold extreme base, modern elegant table with unique gold base and glass as a top,
mirrored rectangular dinning table minimal design stylish and modern dinning table, kathrefte trapezi megalo orthogonio klassiko monterno trapezi,
vintage brown antique dinning table with classic style dinning set, karekles klassikomonternes me psili plati me ifasma mpez kai kafe xilina podia kai leptomeries,
wooden rectangular dinning table with x base and minimal design white dinning chairs, aples mpez karekles sindiasmenes me kafe xilino trapezi me x vasi,
wooden classic rectangular table with classic style dinning chairs, klassiko trapezi me xilines karekles,
vintage style rectangular dinning table with grey wooden dinning chairs, klassiko trapezi orthogonio me klassikes karekles me gkrizo xilo,
circular wooden vintage style dinning table, minimal simple design chair with arms,
engraved dinning chair with wooden design, antique vintage style dinning set, karekla xiropoiiti xilini klassiki, hand mad dinning wooden chair,
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