''Thinking Out Of The Box''


Whether you have just started a business or renovating your office, you need furniture that look elegant, are classy and have great functionality for everyday use. Office furniture don’t need to be the tradition ones nor need to be strict or big. It’s all about creativity mood and thinking out of the box. Office furniture reflect the mood, the vibes of your office, the people that work live and breathe in the office. It impacts them. That is why it is essential that you choose the right furniture for your employees, your family.

A great working place increases the productivity of your employees. Imagine working in a dull environment. Adding color, creating new styles, getting out of the box, will inspire everyone working at your firm. To do so, we recommend the following:

# 1 – Appearance

Furniture need to be professional but elegant at the same time. There are various furniture items available in our eshop that match the aesthetic requirements from vintage, hi tech, to modern and natural office designs. Combining colors and adding flowers and accessories for your office furniture can help raise your employees’ spirits and motivation level. You can create that ‘’homely’’ feeling. It’s your second home after all! By choosing the right furnishing for your lobby, sitting area, meeting area, etc, you can maintain a professional attitude in your employees and spark work motivation.

# 2 – Comfort 

Everyone wants to feel comfortable, especially if they are going to spend half of their day working. If your employees are comfortable in their space, in their chairs, they will likely feel more relaxed and work more. When buying office chairs you need to buy the right ones from the many available, to increase the productivity. There are chairs with cushions, others with ergonomics that can help decreasing back pain. Being open minded can open many possibilities that can bring a bigger success to your office. Happy employees better results!

# 3 – Flexibility 

Some chairs are adjustable in terms of size and can be rolled back for comfort, other chairs come with a fixed height. Every employee has different preference. While it is impossible to ask every employee about what they want as it will lead to a waste of time, arguments, more expenses, you can buy clever flexible chairs, adjustable, to prevent discomfort and distractions, leading to increased productivity and more happy faces.

# 4 – Utility

Office furniture isn’t just the chairs that we use or the tables for our laptops. Furniture can even be used to store documents and other necessary things. Clever furniture can save you a lot of wasted time. Bookshelves, drawers, special desks for the pcs or laptops and many more can help increase productivity. Furniture must be functional and of good quality to ensure efficiency and keep a workplace in harmony.

*All the above images are inhouse/showroom creations that can be seen and bought at Andreotti Furniture in Limassol! 

Give style to your office and differentiate your self from the others! Show your customers you are different by just letting them see your office areas and reception! Make the difference! 

Browse our huge collection of office furniture in our eshop and get ''the one'' or request an appointment to see more!

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