Shopping Tips and ideas for buying online

Looking for new furniture online? Are you ready to start searching? Too many online stores offer so many things but which is the best for you? Our team of experts have prepared some helpful tips and ideas that will make your shopping experience hustle free and easy! 


No one can deny that in-store shopping for furniture with physical presence is the best way to go. People need to try the sofas, sit on different chairs, try the beds and mattresses in order to find functional and stylish furniture for their home. Online shopping has become a necessity these days, therefore we are here to give you some tips and ideas to make this new experience more easy and enjoyable.

Tip #1 :

Search for online sellers with showroom physical presence in order to give the shoppers the option to ''touch'' and ''feel'' the product. A combined shopping experience, digital and physical presence, is better to take place so as to give you, the buyer, the opportunity to choose the best quality at the best prices. Andreotti furniture company offers such a possibility making shopping a pleasure. Look, touch, feel, get inspired from the proposed set ups for a complete furniture set up for you home, with free shipping and installation included.

Tip #2 :

Search for stores offering online assistance. Request for a video call showing the physical shop and all options available and make sure that store is legit! Ask for their interior designer to give you options that are available in stock or options for customized furniture orders. Request to see at least via camera the materials such as fabric swatches, wood finishes and certain other details that you may need!

Tip #3 :

After-sale service and support! Ask if the company offers any support for products that have been purchased in the past. Ask for more details, learn if they have in house service department, how fast they can come to your requested area for service, costs and many more! Remember to ask anything you want! A good company will answer all your questions! Check for online reviews, read google reviews in order to be sure that you are in the right shop! After sales service is very challenging nowadays and most companies are trying to avoid it as effort to reduce costs. Find a company that offers such a service in order to maintain safety and long term value of your products. Read more about our after sales support and other services here at our website!

Tip #4 :

Search for package offers. Many furniture companies are offering furniture package deals. Look for them carefully and save a lot of money! From living and dining packahes, to even the full house or appartment furnishing package. We suggest checking our package deals page here and start saving money!

Tip #5 :

Request for a complete custom furniture package for your house/apartment. Big furniture companies can offer you the option to customize everything for your needs based on your floor plan and budget. Choose a company that offers full services, have excellent interior designers and get a customized package instantly! Check out our ESHOP and start preparing your ideal package now!

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