Project The Oval Limassol

The management of “The oval” wanted to create a modern working space, efficient, Luxury but at the same time, friendly and safe.  Reflecting the qualities of their Vision and Values, our companies worked together in order to create the best office interior in terms of style and ergonomics. Our strong professional team provided help and guidance in the selection of all the office areas, starting with an impressive lobby / waiting room area, after the CEO office room and then the General manager office. Once these areas were completed, we have continued with the remaining open areas providing them with team rooms and workstations customized in size and reasonable budget parameters for such a project. Special thanks to all the teams involved for furnishing these amazing office areas –and space and who developed the concept and designs.

Smart, stylish, high quality office furniture that will empower your team and impress all your guests – visitors. Truly stunning workplaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms and breakout spaces for relaxation.

Choose Andreotti Furniture for your projects. A trusted Partner from design to installation providing a responsive and accountable experience on time!
Let us create for you an upmarket office space with our interior design team and deliver you a welcoming but above all a sophisticated work environment.


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