Project Sea Gallery Private Villas - By Cybarco

The furnishing of this villa focusses heavily on tactility via plush velvets and carved woods, unusual finishes seen on the Italian furniture design week, and an innate luxury feeling. All of which can be experienced in the bespoke luxury furniture villas located in Limassol – Cyprus at the Sea gallery project of Cybarco. These villas display depict cultural notes alongside with contemporary furniture matching the ancient environment of the area and the Cypriot heritage.  Fabulous sofas and armchairs combined with coffee tables, dining tables, chairs accessories and carpets of excellent quality. Beds and mattresses to relax and durable weather resistance outdoor terrace furniture for everyday living.

Inspired by 55 years of Andreotti Furniture design heritage, the range of furniture used for this villa is designed to mirror the look and feel of the Amathusia ancient area. Handcrafted bespoke luxury furniture sits alongside luxury textiles, paintings, curtains, rugs, lighting and tableware. Traditional and classical shapes are reinvented in new textures and finishes,  welcoming you and make you feel the importance of such a living space. Customized range of furniture suit the house, fabrics and color finishes with a favorite mix of décor and crystals made to enjoy home.

Book now an appointment with our expert designing team and get ready with an extraordinary experience of creating a complete concept furniture package for all the house.
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