Project Opera Apartments - 4 Blocks Limassol - Askanis Group

Project Opera by Askanis:  consists of luxury apartments, penthouses and super luxury beach villas right on the beach,  with breathtaking sea views.  The apartments and Luxurious mesonettes blocks are split in to 4 buildings and our company through our showrooms, (Andreotti Furniture and Exclusive by Andreotti) has furnished most of this project.

Unique surroundings in the heart of Limassol, the Opera by Askanis offers an exclusive experience to its residents to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, functionality and subtle aesthetics to outdoor spaces.  Amazing sunbeds, swings, armchairs, sofas and poufs for outdoor and exclusive use of all residents can be found in the public areas.
When it comes to furnishing a flat with design and quality, there is only one choice. Andreotti  Furniture offers dedicated designers  to assist you with every requirements you may have. Get amazing ideas to furnish your investment flats, apartments, penthouses and villas online, working from abroad. Turn your home space in to an inspiring and trendy area and get many ideas from our specialists how to add corner sofas and large coffee table sets in your living room.  

More additions in  furniture and accessories such as paintings, curtains and can give the best style for a great investment.
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