Project Limassol Marina Modern Villas

    Furnishing a villa on a Marina is not that easy. There are many factors to be taken into consideration as you have to combine the internal style with the exterior environment and construction too. Our task was to present a full furniture concept that will fit into a more modern construction and finishes used to these new buildings. Our interior designers team together with the team of Limassol Marina have chosen a “Signature white” theme – collection for these light an spacious areas. White signature rooms , crystal chandeliers, glass and marble combinations. A timeless beauty for endurance contract and residencial projects.
    Andreotti Furniture is a trusted furniture supplier that understand the needs of any size residential or hospitality project. Following procedures, standards and tests we ensure that quality of furniture provided are ideal for the purpose we are suggesting. If you need resilient designer furniture then our talented team will help you choose the best ones from our range taking in consideration your needs and budget.  
    Utilize your time and arrange a meeting with us or visit us in our shop as we have a lot more in store to show ……
    And we have a lot more in store for you...
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