Project Jumana Building Limassol

A construction - development in the heart of Limassol!  An amazing Private building for sale with Furniture set ups and styling run by our internal interior designer team. With the desire and motivation to provide excellent quality furniture for the tenants but at the same time affordable in price, they have created not only attractive design spaces but at the same time comfortable and practical in use.

Having the knowledge and experience in furnishing apartment buildings with the right furniture, our interior designers work thoroughly to understand the spaces and their client’s needs. Discussion with the client, is the first step prior to the choice of furniture in order to identify the tastes, expectations and requirements. Following our team studies in details the layout and space of every apartment in order to develop a successful interior design project.  Features such as materials used, floors, windows and wood colors are among the first key points in consideration before the creation of our proposals. Taking in to action all the above, we choose the right color palette and propose the matching tones based on our clients’ taste. Next step is to propose the right size furniture and decorative objects that corresponds to their personality and demanded style. Finally we deliver a complete furniture design offer in details showing every detail in size, material and texture.
 Throughout all these years, we have successfully delivered apartments in minimalistic style, modern and contemporary, bohemian, rustic, Mediterranean style and many more. Additionally, we have prepared and successfully delivered custom personalized furniture projects based on other styles not mention above.

Andreotti Furniture offers the possibility to configure projects in a simple and fast way, providing 3D designs proposals. Quick execution and delivery of the projects and above all, plethora of furniture in stock for immediate delivery.
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