Modern and Contemporary Sideboard Designs

Known as buffet too the sideboard is an essential piece for your dining room in which since old times was traditionally used to keep plates, pots and cutlery. Today this storage unit may be used for different purposes and according to the needs of its owners. The trends for these units nowadays vary as there are multiple choices and ideas to be combined within your interiors. Find the best sideboards for your place and choose among hundreds of ideas, at the right size and style in our stores, with the assistance of our interior designers.


Modern sideboards have usually low and straight structure base, combined with clean lines and can be placed on the floor or be hanged on the wall. New materials such as marble, ceramic, metal, glass are mixed together with natural wood or colored, for an aesthetic multifunctional piece of furniture, ideal for any modern home decoration.

Andreotti Furniture offers a bespoke client service and interior design solutions, providing a wide choice of stylish furniture for modern home set up. Always looking for new trends in design to fulfill all clients’ needs but also to be a step ahead from today.


Traditional sideboards are suited to your needs can be combined with different concepts. Usually with height around to one meter and length around to 200 cm, they are produced with doors combined with drawers. These long cabinets usually curry a line of leaf doors (4 – 6 doors) one next to the other or a combination of leaf doors mixed with drawers. Very important is to evaluate correctly the size of the available areas in your house in order to use these units in the right place. Commonly used on the walls near the dining table, under the stairs or sometimes used in smaller sizes in the entrance of the house as a console. Smaller sideboards are also used in bedrooms mainly to store clothes, shoes, bags and sometimes smaller items such as jewelry.

Browse our new release sideboards- credenzas made in Italy, Made in Spain, made in USA, etc and create a modern contemporary stylish home. Add a spotlight unit in your area, add storage and serving space for your needs in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes.

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