Round & Dressing Table Mirrors | Wall or Full Length

Find the perfect designer mirror for any room in your home at Andreotti Furniture. From free standing mirrors to take a peek at yourself and see your whole outfit, to wall mounted mirrors in your living and dining room to make your areas brighter, reflective and bigger. Finding the perfect mirror in the right size, shape, frame or shade needs a lot of research but it worth it as it can be a great home decoration and an excellent addition in your room. The Million Dollar Question is where can you find the right mirror for your space and what shall you choose for your home? The simple answer, all in one place, at Andreotti Furniture Store.To help out, we've put together some of the latest trendy mirrors we have in stock and are ready to be bough online through our eshop. You can find many more designs at our showroom in Limassol. Whether you are looking for the latest options or cheaper options, square mirror or rectangular, classic or modern mirrors, the list below will help and make your decision easier! Here are some of our suggestions:

silver floor mirror

An amazing floor mirror with an ancient Greek feeling. Details give that ‘’Medusa look’’ on the edges. This floor mirror’s dimensions are 160 x 60 cm.

Hanging WALL mirror

A beautiful rectangular mirror with beveled glass frame in geometric designs that will stand out in any room. In silver colour and glass. Its dimensions are 120 x 86 cm. Can be hanged in portrait or landscape position.

Architectural mirror

A more modern design than the previous mirrors. This is a round mirror placed in the middle of metal rods creating an architectural effect and giving that 3d effect to your room. The dimensions of this mirror are 90 x 90 cm.

Modern Wall mirror

A unique and modern design. A more artistic colorful rectangular mirror. Can be hanged in portrait or landscape position. The dimensions of this mirror are 80 x 120 cm.

Large Window Mirror

The Nediva mirror has a metal frame in black finish, a window looking design and is 165cm high, perfect for looking at yourself from head to toe. It is also the ideal piece to create a more visual space and add brightness to your interiors. A special design for a special house.

Golden Round Mirror

A nice elegant looking classic gold round mirror by Dupen made in Spain. It has a unique shape and style. It reminds an old style pocket watch. Its dimensions are 83 x 65 cm.

Rectangular Mirror

A classic looking mirror with a unique pearl design and style that gives that elegant 3d depth design to your room. Can be hanged in portrait or landscape position. The dimensions of this mirror are 120 x 79 cm.

Check out the full range of our mirrors here at our eshop or visit our showroom in Limassol. Find the mirror that suits your style and home. Mirrors for your bedroom, living room or even your bathroom, in many sizes and styles. Visit our online store now and get advantage of our -20% discount on all of our mirrors now.

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