Luxury Furniture Interiors

Welcome to Andreotti furniture shop for home and commercial projects around the world. We provide full FF & E supply and project management and we are more than delighted to offer guidance to private individuals who only need one single furniture piece as well. We are experts at locating high end quality furniture, upscale accessories, designer lighting, and high-end outdoor sofas, garden tables and many more. We only work with the best producers in the world offering custom made solutions to you too. From eye catching sofa sets to stylish beds and luxurious coffee tables, discover a huge variety of styles and designs that have just arrived at Andreotti. We provide different packages to fit various requirements and budgets by combining professional interior design services with our high end luxury furniture, lighting, décor, textiles and carpets. For a picky clientele, our highly skilled designers can provide comprehensive professional services for both household and larger scale projects because they are fully trained in interior design and architecture. Get premium home furnishings, bespoke designer luxury solutions, timeless and modernized classics, creating a collection of furniture that is both inspiring and of the highest caliber. Completely customizable to match your specific needs with excellent lead times and manufacturers guarantee. Visit our website and shop online right now with free delivery available on all of our products.

Living Room Furniture

Create the perfect area by completing your space with our perfect collection of luxury living room furniture. A well-designed living room or lounge ensures that you may enjoy your downtime at home to the fullest. Making the ideal arrangement has a big impact on how you use your living space, whether you do it with your spouse, kids, friends, or even by yourself. By selecting the ideal luxury living room furniture, you can design a functional area that meets all of your stylish needs and demands. The way a room feels is influenced by the furniture we select, the colors we use, and the way we fill it. Design your living room as a place where you can relax, feel good, tranquil, and capable of enjoying whatever you're doing space with the help of our designer furniture specialists. 

Bedroom Furniture

With the aid of our collection of excellent bedroom furniture, you can turn your bedroom into a serene haven where you can relax after a stressful day and get a good night's sleep. Aesthetically beautiful and functional beds, storage beds to fit entirely at place and make the most of your room. Find beds, modern, classic or contemporary, bed frames, headboards, and footboards to fashionable and functional wardrobes, bedside cabinets, and chests of drawers, our team design a bedroom that is ideal for your particular requirements. Our designer bedroom furniture is available for online ordering and comes with free CY delivery. Get in contact with our personal shopping staff, who can assist you in finding the ideal bedroom furniture. We also provide custom bedroom furniture, so you can have something designed just for you that is absolutely beautiful. 


Dining Room Furniture

With a great selection of luxury dining room furniture, we can design a room that is adaptable, fashionable, and practical. Your dining room should be a multipurpose space that can accommodate family gatherings and dinner parties as well. The secret to doing this is using smart design and upscale furniture to make sure your dining area can accommodate all of your guests and set the ideal mood. There are certain important factors to take into account when selecting the appropriate luxury dining room furniture. When choosing high-end design, you can be confident that your dining room furniture will feel as good as it looks because comfort is just as vital to dining as aesthetics. You can be sure that both comfort and style are covered with our selection of designer dining room furniture. Our selection has been carefully chosen to include pieces of the highest caliber that will enable you to design the ideal dining room aesthetic. Our set ups will guarantee that your dining room is spectacular in style in addition to being comfortable and functional. It includes attractive dining room tables in a variety of forms and styles, as well as high-end dining room chairs. Additionally, we carry a variety of sideboards and cabinets to give you chic storage options in many styles. View our selection of luxury dining room furniture here and place an online purchase for free delivery to the CY. Get in contact with us to learn more about our personal shopping services if you can't quite discover what you're looking for.


Garden Furniture

Check out our selection of upgrade outdoor furniture that can make your garden or verantas look amazing. Stylish and useful additions to your home, providing additional room that enables you to make the most of your outside area. Your outdoor space may be entirely transformed with the addition of designer garden furniture and luxury garden accents, inspiring you to spend more time outside and take advantage of the warmer weather while you can. Our selection of luxury garden furniture enables you to enjoy time outside with the family  and is perfect for garden parties, enjoying time outside with the family, or even just taking a peaceful minute to yourself. Sit and relax with our collection of stylish garden seating and tables. Use a space that might otherwise go unused to create a peaceful lounging area that's ideal for unwinding with a book or a cup of coffee in the morning. There isn't a better way to eat outdoors in the spring and summer than with our upscale garden furniture, which enables you to do so when the weather is warm. Use our day beds and sun loungers to spend some time outside. We place an emphasis on comfort, style, and quality so that you may enjoy relaxing while still giving your garden a fashionable look and feel. Additionally, with the help of our designer garden accessories, you can add the crucial finishing touches to create acoherent design. Uncertain of your options? You can get assistance choosing the ideal items for your garden from our skilled personal shopper staff. Get in touch with us to learn more about our special orders for modern luxury garden furniture.



With our selection of luxurious home accessories, you may give your house that crucial finishing touches. Little but necessary additions to infuse your home with your personality. Our selection of designer homeware is the ideal choice whether you're trying to add the finishing touch to a freshly refurbished area or you want to update your scheme in an efficient and straightforward method. We have everything you need to create a high-end finish, including luxury lighting, modern cushions and throws, paintings, artificial flowers and plants, as well as fashionable vases. Simple luxury accessories may radically transform your space, helping you to create a focal point with statement lighting or making a small, gloomy room feel bigger and brighter with a strategically positioned mirror. You may give your interiors an upmarket look and feel by using premium home goods. Our selection of luxury housewares may be utilized to give the finishing touches to any area in the house, helping to tie the design together and produce a coherent concept. Browse through our selection of luxury home accessories and place an order online. We offer free CY delivery and are available to answer any questions you may have. Our talented personal shopping staff can assist you if you're unsure of which luxury home items to choose.

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