Leather Sofa or Fabric Sofa

Buying a sofa is a very important decision for everyone, especially when you need to choose between leather and fabric. But sometimes, there is not a definitive answer because consumers like both styles. So here are some tips that will help you clear your mind and help you decide the best for you. 

Getting a good quality sofa may cost more money than usual but on the other hand will ensure you many happily years of use. Your considerations when looking for a sofa, either leather or fabric should be the style you want it to be, your needs when using it and also if you have pets. Fabric sofas in general come in to various shapes and designs. Corners, L shape or straight they tend to be softer and warmer due to their fabric characteristics. Overall they are more comfortable. The leather sofas can be harder, hot and sticky, feelings that you can feel more on your car seat for example. 

Think of your car seat during summer versus to the cold feeling you get during winter even though this will change after some minutes of use. But on the other hand on leather ones you get a firmer look compared to the fabric sofas.  

Comfort & Maintenance

Fabric sofas are in general more comfortable than the leather ones. If this is a major and important factor for your choice then your next step is to choose the type of textile / fabric you like most plus its color. 

There are new technological fabrics today offering stain resistance, water cleaning or water resistance. Aqua clean technology is the latest trend now on high quality sofas and it is strongly recommended by the fashion industry. Additionally you should look on the sofa structure as they are brands offering life time warrantee on frames. Fama sofas for example is one of the brands that you can find exclusively in Andreotti furniture showroom, offering several warrantees. Cleaning instructions for fabric sofas are available upon request as every fabric has a different lifespan and maintenance.

Leather sofas as stated above are more firm and more resistant. They offer easier cleaning when there is a pet around the house since their fur may stuck of the fabric. Furthermore, doctors and specialists suggest them for those who are suffering from allergies due to its hypoallergenic characteristics.

With light dusting or rub all dusts and hair can be cleaned easily.  But sometimes, on the other hand, scratches from their nails may be very obvious on the leather. If you have pets around the house, you have to decide either going to a premium quality fabric sofa that stains can be removed easily but cost more or buy a leather sofa.  Be careful with the leather maintenance since you need to use correct cleaning products and moistures to avoid cracks and splits. Consult a leather specialist before buying any maintenance product from the market. Care requirements for fabric sofas depend on your household and use. Normally these sofas need to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. High quality fabrics are recommended.

Colour & Lifespan

Usually treated leathers are more durable than fabrics so by average they will last more. Easy to wipe and clean compared to fabrics with a variety of color options. Fabrics come in unlimited tones and patterns offering more design possibilities but with the possibility to fade during excessive use. 

The Look

For all of you looking for a sleek minimal look, clean professional masculine lines, leather sofas are more suitable for this case, offering a contemporary or modern look in the house.  In the contrary fabric sofas, give a cozy and warm feeling into your home and can complement better your existing decoration. 

Both fabric and leather sofas have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for our suggestion, we believe that advantages of fabric sofas are a lot more compared to the leather sofas. But as intermediate solution a leather and fabric combo – mix and match can be the best solution for you. Entering our furniture shop in Limassol, the first thing you would feel is getting lost and confused from the many options available on display. Our customer service team will be next to you from the first minute to guide you choose the proper model for your needs. Choose with our experts and “get the look”, unlimited fabric patterns, different textures and colors in order to match better your existing décor. And don't forget, you can always show online through our ESHOP from the comfort of you own home!   

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