how to choose the right mattress

We all agree that choosing the right mattress is no easy thing and it is a task that needs time and searching. Usually it is recommended from specialists that mattresses should change after eight years of use. Extending this period may lead to trouble sleeping or experiencing back or neck pain.Consumers must determine the quality they need, find the ideal density and thickness of the mattress foam and decide how deep they will need to sink. There are several type of mattresses in the market now, some of them with different layers of foam, different type of springs and many more.

Before taking any decision, you need to consider some factors before buying a new mattress:

  • What is the position you sleep in?
  • What firmness and thickness do you need?
  • What is your ideal type of mattress and what materials do you need?
  • What budget are you willing to spent for a good night sleep ? 
  • What is your body weight ? 


The first thing you need is to figure out in to which  position you sleep in since most of us have a unique way of sleeping every night. Sleeping on your side, stomach or back, or even if you turn between different positions throughout  the night you will have to think and buy the ideal type of bed based on you like. So, pay attention  and decide what is your usual sleeping position because this will be an important factor to determine the firmness of your new mattress. 


Being myself as one in this category, we should get a softer mattress (medium soft) that can adjust to the curves of our body since we are exerting huge pressure and force on our joins while sleeping. Most important factor for this category is to get a model that has been designed to offer pressure relief. Check carefully all the specifications provided by our supplier and make sure that you get the right one according to your needs and body structure. Best recommendation would be memory foam mattresses since they are very well known for the deep sinking sleep and for pressure relief. Check out Memory Plus mattress, Energy Sports for the ones doing a lot of exercise , Dama , Marte etc


Being the opposite of side sleepers the stomach sleepers are considered as the worst sleeping position.  They usually need an ultra firm mattress in order to lift their hips in line with their shoulders, providing equal distribution of weight across their whole body. If you belong to this category, Never buy too soft matresses because your spine will curve causing severe back pain. Medium – medium firm is in generally what is the suggested solution for stomach sleeping  and luckily most of the mattress options are in this category. Check out our full range of mattresses by visiting our mattresses in Cyprus eshop now. 


Normally back sleepers are lucky because they can usually find comfort on a variety of different types of mattresses and materials. According to different researches only the 15% of the people are in this category and they Usually need a medium firm mattress to lift and set the spine in a neutral alignment, creating an even line from the hips until up to their shoulders. This helps to remove tension across the back  and to avoid bowed back and pains to the spine.We recommend for this type of sleepers a combination of foam, memory foam ,spring or pocket springs mattresses such as Elegance, Dupensac, and Orthopedico ,


Spring Mattress:

Pro to purchasing,  a spring mattress is the most affortable one in the market and very durable for decades however the potential benefits you can receive from going to new technologies such as memory foam mixed with pocket springs or even to CSAM, active crystal technology can be life changing for a better overall health. Spring mattresses are generally made metal springs connected to each other that helps maintaining its shape for a lot of years. Othopedico one is one of the good sellers in our shops because it combines price with an amazing quality. It has a thickness – height  of 28 +1 cm  in total and it is ideal for lumber rest being the most traditional and recognizable model from users. It is ideal for those ones that want strong support with great cooling and bounce, doesn’t like changes and long durability. 

Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam technology was firstly developed in the  early 1970’s by NASA. It provides superior comfort and support for the entire body while distributing body eight evenly. All the pressure points are significantly reduced up to 80%,   giving you the feeling like sleeping on the cloud.  A feeling that only memory foam mattress can give you. Good quality memory foam mattresses distribute body weight evenly, like having billions of little springs supporting you. Pressure points are significantly reduced, up to a whopping 80%, which only memory foam can provide and it is ideal for people who want to experience body shaping, good support on the entire body and pressure relief. You can find several options in full memory foam with our best seller being the Memory plus mattress.

Need help finding the right mattress for you? Check out the options we offer online or visit our shop for a personal try and get advices from our mattresses specialists!

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