October 2020 Lounge area – outdoors

New Patio space upgrade opening you should know about.  It is taking place to maximize our floor outdoor area and make it more usable. We are converting it into a more inviting exterior living room and dining rooms area that at will entice our outside in nearly every season, making the most of the outdoor space.

This ideal patio would be available for use from our clientele and members of our staff as of November 2020 and will look like the realistic plans below. Simple Deck and natural woods plus stones, beef up the landscaping in a combination with the old existing olive trees. A first class rated side yard makeover and improvement with natural shade, to increase more the communal space for staff and customers rest time. 

Enjoy our new lounge area coming soon. Join us for a Coffee break area and outdoor furniture display area all blend together in a great patio design, getting the most of our ground floor space. Kick back and relax, enjoy a drink and have a break after a long shopping experience in our furniture showroom. Relax in style on rattan, wicker, metal and aluminum furniture highly demanded trends for this year. In addition outdoor and indoor furniture with clean lines and comfortable seat with natural materials, better for the planet and for your budget will be presented. Environmentally friendly outdoor design and décor will transform the whole ground floor space combining space for outdoor furniture display, lounge and dining area for customers, friends and members of our team. 

A form of extension which is not usual for Cypriot shops and showrooms but as you know our company is always improving and presents innovative unique ideas for you to follow.  

Get ideas of a Mix and match with light fixtures, creating cozier spaces and outdoor reading areas. Let your space work overtime with the ideas we will give you to transform your outdoor space in to an office space. A territory of tranquility in the blink of an eye, your patio can really do a lot for outdoor reading, studying or taking meetings. 

Get tons of clever ways to convert your outdoor between work and play from our expert interior designers. Embrace your outdoor space with crafted furniture and décor, ottomans, Casual seatings, daybeds, swings and more. Add sofas with removable or fixed seats, low maintenance and weather resistant furniture. 

Surround your area with greenery maintenance free plants available in store providing color without much work. Try fashionable wall and free standing planters, floor planters in several color and designs available in our showroom only. Exclusively for our privilege customer.

Very few items of our collection are available online. You can visit out available furniture collection online here or book an appointment with our furniture specialist now.

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