The Famous Interior Designer Breegan Jane Now In Cyprus!

    Andreotti furniture is proud to announce the partnership of hooker furniture USA with the famous interior designer Breegan Jane. Breegan's new furniture collection will be exclusively represented in Cyprus through our shops. A creative modern but at the same time affordable luxury furniture collection addressed to timeless home spaces.

    MARQ collection is based on comprehensive interior design specially designed by her, as an ambassador of the Hooker Brand!

    Great customizations with our 150 available fabric options. Complete buffet selections for all interior spaces and styles.

    During lockdowns, all of us realized the importance of our home interiors. No matter your continent, you've likely spent more time in your home/house than ever. Interior design of your home is now more important than ever!

    Modern approachable luxury is what Andreotti Furniture is going to present you this year. Stay tuned via our social media channels and enjoy a new modern contemporary styling with fresh concept ideas.

    Comfort as a criteria, one of the things you will love on MARQ Collection is the combination of comfort with modular design. Spacious and comfy sectionals for all tastes giving you the chance to use the best of your space.

    Luxury and innovation in almost every area. Our life is different nowadays transforming our work office into a home office. Don't sacrifice aesthetics, transform your spaces beautifully with stylish furniture available in stock.

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