Create Bespoke Interiors with Tailor-made Packages

At Andreotti Furniture, we believe your home is an extension of your own unique personality, which is why we offer sophisticated bespoke interior solutions, through personalized tailor-made packages.  

Today, the term ‘bespoke interiors’ is becoming ever more popular amongst homeowners. This is because when your most intimate spaces are able to reflect the true aspects of your character, your home becomes your kingdom. A place that expresses your sense of self, gives you the freedom you need to grow and adapts to your lifestyle, while still highlighting your individuality.  To achieve an end result that mirrors who you are and helps shape who you will become, we reveal and define your stylistic preferences through our one-on-one consultancy sessions, where we match your personal and aesthetic vision to the most suitable brands and furniture collections. We then select specific pieces, fabrics and any additional accessories and décor items needed, to give your home the ideal interior flow by effortlessly combining form and function.

The aim of this process is to create one-of-a-kind compositions that reveal the traits that make both you and your home so special.

Customizing the interiors of your home can be a truly enlightening and cathartic experience. There is a reason why you may be drawn to a particular design. It is because there is something tangible about it that speaks to an underlying facet of your personality. Our consultants specialize in unveiling these facets, complementing them with the appropriate designs and creating made-to-measure compositions exclusively with you, and for you.

All you need to know beforehand is your budget range and the rooms you wish to transform. 

What makes this experience truly exceptional, is the abundant creativity that stems from absolute flexibility. Whether you need a complete home renovation, a bedroom makeover, ideas for a newly acquired property or simply a few details that need to be added so that you can complete the look you have been aiming for, our expert team will offer the best possible suggestions and solutions within your available budget.

Find out more about our ready made Furniture packages for apartments and houses which are based on the level of budget you want to spent.

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