Airbnb : How to get more income and return from your apartment or villa

When the time comes to furnish your short-term rental apartments, houses or villas, you will need to carefully craft a list with all the furniture and decoration you need for all your areas. Boost your Air B&B rental incomes and returns with our proper guidance for a complete and stylish presentation that will make your clients pay more for your property and for their staying. Here is a complete guide that is a must to follow nowadays. Create a list for all your needs and requirements - What kind of Airbnb furniture do you need?

Living Room Furniture

Sofa: Your living room should have enough seats to accommodate the maximum number of guests your house can accommodate. Choose the layout that fits better in your room, think for the option of a sectional couch instead of a three seater sofa so as to give the most of your space with additional seats. A lot of our clients also consider the options of investing on a sofa – Bed or pull out beds in order to comfortably accommodate more visitors and guests. This is something that will add more value to your investment and also your return.
Coffee Tables: You'll want to include coffee tables and desks depending on the size of your Airbnb. Consider coffee tables that can be lifted and transformed into workstations or even add a desk considering who you'll be selling your Airbnb to and furnish accordingly. Highlight your workstation components, dining rooms for family gatherings, cribs for families with children, and so on if you want to attract business travelers.
TV Units: Guests look for entertainment options in their holidays, just as they have in a hotel. Rather than using an adjustable stand, we propose fixing the television to the wall or to a tv stand to create a more beautiful space.
Lounge Chairs: The armchairs in the living area should be large and comfortable and should be used to compliment the sofa since this is where most of your visitors will spend their time.

Dining Kitchen Furniture

Tables & Chairs: Create a breakfast corner or seating along the countertops for guests to enjoy their coffee with a bistro table and seatsMake sure there's a coffee maker in the mix!

Bedroom Furniture

Beds: You don't want your visitors to sleep on the floor! Include a bedframe and headboard that are both secure and stable.
Mattress: Choose a relaxing mattress that will make your visitors feel comfortable and understand that you do care about them.
Night Tables and Lamps: Use a stylish bedside table with a bedside table lamp in order to add style and use in your room. For late-night reading, working, or simply getting ready for bed, include additional illumination in the bedroom with the use of design lamps and add style in the room.
Chest of Drawers & Dressing Tables: Today, long terms stays are getting more common therefore the need to provide complete storage solutions is a necessity.
Full-Length Mirrors: The addition of mirrors is an added value for the area. Having larger mirrors in your home can become very beneficial for your guests.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Sofas, Armchairs: Nowadays you can find a wide Selection of furniture for your verandas and Garden. Choose beautiful Sustainable outdoor sofas and tables, water resistance and waterproof.  

Decor & Carpets

Decoration: Include smart decors in the living room, dining room and bedroom and outdoors as well. Create a welcoming atmosphere with amazing artworks, throw rugs, stylish curtains, and so on.
Rugs: Can be used also as decoration too for the living area, bedrooms and corridors. Very popular nowadays for the outdoor areas as well, is the use of light kilim type rugs, throw rugs and more that can give both comfort and elegance.

Shopping furniture for Airbnb has to be a clever mix and match of furniture and decors that is not overwhelming, with items combined especially for your home and the surrounding areas. The great location is not only the key factor for a big return but should always be combined with quality and affordable stylish furniture designs that last for long.  

Additionally, another very important factor before taking any decision for this purchase, is to look for a company that offers fast and accurate customer service and able to support your possible maintenance needs of the future.  Nowadays with online shopping and the variety of qualities available in the online market, the need of support and customer service, is very essential. 

We offer wide range of Furniture Packages in stock for Airbnb landlords, rental properties, letting agents & developers. Designed for every budget, comfortable and durable for all styles. Craft a balance of the essentials and stylish décor, look for pieces that are comfortable, durable, and all follow a similar aesthetic.  

Our delivery teams deliver, assemble, install in the right places all your selected furniture, free of charge and they remove all waste and packaging from your property too. We leave from your house or office only once we make sure that everything is in order and as per your wish, leaving the space ready for immediate occupation. 

Immediate Delivery from our company, bespoke Furniture Packages designed for family rentals, corporate lets, holiday lets, serviced apartments, city center apartments for professionals, and for Buy to Let Landlords Students & Rental Properties, that will help you increase your return on your investment.

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