A special Way to easE furniture buying stress

November 2020 Lounge Area – Outdoors Update.

Here at Andreotti we value our customers and we go above and beyond to offer exceptional customer service. To do so, we created an innovating place of piece for our valued customers, a place to take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while shopping your favorite furniture for your home. The idea for this project came up by our customer feedback and requests. They wanted a place to sit, have a break after a long presentation of their furniture proposals. We know that for most of the customers buying furniture for a full house can be challenging but at the same time it can be very tiring. Andreotti furniture shop in Limassol has now a place for you to relax, have a break, clear your mind and put your buying decisions in place. A natural area of ''ZEN'' , an ''OASIS'' for everyone to enjoy. A stylish area furnished by Andreotti in natural tones to fit the open and airy room, focusing on natural lighting.

Can't make design decisions?

Sometimes customers are afraid that they may make a really bad decision when choosing their home furniture. Let us start by saying that in our shop you are in good hands, you get everything done with the help of our specialists. Interior designers and architects are here to assist you and put your choices in a right place and finish the small details.

Tips for choosing the right furniture?

A team of eight stylists will make it easy for you. Buy pieces that work in your home area in the right sizes, measurements and budget. Enjoy a buying experience in one go and learn from us the secrets of furnishing a home, your home!

Best quality at the best prices!

Here at Andreotti, we have over 55 years of experience in the design, furniture area. You can rest assure, you will get the best quality at the most affordable prices. You will find a huge collection of furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom and for your ourdoor pation. Don't miss the opportunity to get the best for your house! Most of our furniture come from Italy & Spain.  Combine everything together and add great accessories to make your room stand out! Check out our deals on luxury designs with discounted prices here at our eshop and take advantage of our free delivery and installation all over the Republic of Cyprus.

Living room and dining room ideas!

Browse some of our favorite dining room sets, perfect for fancier occasions and holiday festivities. Add amazing furniture to your house that will be the center pieces that will stand out and make a statement! Living room design ideas and inspirations by us to you with love. So what are you still waiting for? Come to Andreotti Furniture store in Limassol get inspired and enjoy the Andreotti treatment!

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