4 Best Interior Design Trends for Home Furniture & Décor for 2021

Top designers in furniture field explain the trends and fashion that are going to be used for the homes starting 2021. The use of sustainable materials, unique stones and precise metals are the favorite in use for most of top designers and architects, leaving behind traditional materials and standard color pallets. Infuse your spaces with sensational style and create a chic home thinking of new interior design ideas – trends coming up in 2021.


Leaving back the bad memories and life changing of 2020 many people look ahead today trying to update their home and roll on to new perfect designs for the living room, dining room and bedroom. Some others looking to add statement pieces in their rooms always with the view to incorporate well with existing furniture and concept, such as adding an armchair, console, mirror or even big accessories such as statues and paintings. To find the hottest home ideas that are going to be presented for this coming year, we decided to go straight to favorite interior design pros and set ups. 


Black tone straight minimal bar unit design mixed with gold color touches, combined with grey velvet button patterned bar stools. An innovative setup from Eichholtzs designing team filled up with lots of accessories. The chandeliers, statement pieces in the room, create a complete ambience filling the air with romance. The complete collection Eichholtzs designs can be found exclusively in Limassol at Andreotti showroom and Exclusive by Andreotti, both shop in shops.  

Classic but chic wall paneling mixed with bulky but very comfy upholstered beige / cream sofas and design marble coffee tablesin chrome gold finishing. Luxury classic décor trends that experts love and suggest. 


Design never stops! Innovating wall build-in bookcases and amazing wall paneling is around the corner in earthy color pallet. Finest design beds in milk white fabrics combined with poufs and stools in contrast smooth colors. Long wide rugs in a matching color pallet complete the ambiance of the bedroom, keeping it simple but stylish as well. 


It's no secret that the proper piece of furniture in your living room can change completely the place.   The use of different materials such as metal, marble, cooper, and different combination of fabrics is something that leading interior designers love to mix. As you see in the above setup, the designing team has used extreme colorful floral wall papers but in a much modern pattern, colored sofas in Velvet combined with a carpet, made by natural and organic materials.  Marble coffee table tops with cooper base accompany this setting. 


It's well known that this style of visual arts, architecture and design was firstly introduced in France and it is characterized and transforming rooms by rich colors and bold geometry.  

We invite you to visit our stores and see a huge selection of sets ups for 2021, fashion and design trends prepared by leading interior designers. With a huge product portfolio in stock for immediate delivery, It inspires you, the design lovers to explore new innovative ways for your home, office, holiday house. Our showrooms are now being transformed in to areas, so as to discover the finest design solutions in one stop. Additionally we are now bringing the “showroom experience” online with daily updates in facebook and Instagram stories. Additionally a fully modern re–created website is offering daily updates and giving inspirations and ideas to those who need them.  After all, Quality, design and service that characterize our company, will never stop.  

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