Being in the industry for most of his life, in 1970 Felix became one of the owners of “Fama” sofa manufactures in Spain.
His passion and his hard work are visible in each and every piece of his designs. Always thinking and discovering details that make a difference in our everyday living. As far as talent goes he is a natural. Joining his artistic flair with the needs of today’s people, he manages to design furniture that combines… style, function and most of all, comfort!
But his creations go even deeper than this. As he says..
“A sofa is not only a piece of art”.
And he further elaborates that sometimes people forget that the main purpose of design is not the shape, but the function itself.
As for Felix’s designing team, the main aim is not only creating a “nice shape”. The design should go further, “the key is to create a sofa that the users can enjoy at home.
Our goal is not only meeting customers’ needs, but also developing innovative ideas and unique designs.
The result is timeless designs which are chosen by users all over the world.”
Felix Lopez Gil and the Fama Team shifted the understanding between furniture styles and comfort to make sure that their clients get both!
We at Andreotti believe that Felix Lopez is a great designer and has all the skills and potential to keep climbing to the top. We wish him all the best.
“The only pride of a designer is to bring a product to success rather than pursuing the fame of the one conceiving it”
A designer that makes models combining innovation and commerciality. His furniture has been described as” design for everyone” and many times his creations have been nominated as “best-sellers design”.
With his international reputation and his expanded company he has reached sales in a world wide market.
Keeping and eye on the market and an ear on what people want and need, Bernard and his partners keep designing new furniture with creativity and commitment. Cooperating with worldwide industries Bernard spends his time creating new and inspiring furniture models.
After meeting and uniting their forces Orlandini and Root combined there studies of architecture and industrial design and formed a one of the kind work. Two totally different people with different hobbies but with there mind and heart set on the same thing…designing and creating. Orlandini and Root combine function and aesthetics in there designs forming unique, stylish and visually seductive products.     
Balutto and his associates are designers of allsorts commencing from architecture to furniture. Many of there projects have been confirmed as best sellers and many of there activities have been awarded with prestigious worldwide acknowledgments. All this due to extensive researches and love for what they do. This team is able to meet any kind of demanding project. They use original designs and innovative materials wiped together by avant-garde technologies.
Maria Lopez started working in Dupen SA in the export department in 1985 as a freelance export manager. All these years of devotion to the company has given her a lot of experience and she gained tremendous knowledge enabling her to broaden her horizons.
Maria’s hidden artistic talents surfaced when she started to get more involved with both the catalogue editing as well as the product assortment that Dupen manufactures. The result... “An astonishing designer”!
Taught by life itself, from experiences and hard work Maria Lopez has evolved and has become equal to any top designer so capable and so talented. Her opinion is respected and appreciated by many to the point that she is in a position where she is able to give advice and modify models from scratch to finish.
Today, thanks to her great sense of style, extensive knowledge and of course 26 years of experience under her belt, she currently designs most of Dupen´s products!
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