Project SABAI Beachfront Living

Waterfront living is unquestionably the favored lifestyle for exclusive home purchasers all over the world. With breathtaking panoramic views across Sabai's guarded planted gardens to the water's edge and across Limassol Bay, you may unwind in the natural world on your own private balcony, garden, or hidden sun terrace. The breathtaking panoramic views of Limassol Bay and Sabai's safe planted gardens will steal your heart away.

A small selection of exquisitely furnished by Andreotti company, full-floor apartments are available at Sabai, along with a well-organized package of lifestyle facilities and services.The residences produce a stunningly chic boutique selection of luxury flats by fusing glamour, elegance, and modern magnificence combined with an amazing selection of high end quality design furniture delivered by us.

In Sabai, there are resort-style amenities such a saltwater pool, communal spaces, resident lounges, and exquisitely planted gardens. There is a management center on-site, secure subterranean parking, and above-ground visitor parking. You can enjoy in one of the most luxurious forms of living right here.
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